Analyst - West Zone

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Full-time


  • 1-3 years of experience.
  • Preferred: Experience working with data, research and synthesizing findings. Some knowledge of programming is also preferred.

About the Position       

We are looking for a detail-oriented, analytical and organized individual to join us for a two-year rotational analyst/management trainee role. This role would involve working closely with our Zonal Head for all our “hubs” or coworking spaces across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Goa (and very soon- Pune as well). The role isn’t aligned with a single hub, rather it would entail assisting with projects related to zonal level planning and strategy, existing hub operations, expansion, setup of new hubs and HR.

Post the two years, one can expect a management role within the company, either in one of the existing departments or in leading a new initiative or expansion effort.


Job responsibilities:

  • Conducting research and summarizing findings on topics relevant to our operational and growth plans. For instance- Doing research on other multi-location companies and their organizational structures
  • Managing coordination activities across hubs on a daily basis. For example - checking with the setup team on the feasibility and cost of a change that a hub is proposing
  • Analyzing and summarizing data. For example, compiling and analyzing voluntary and involuntary employee churn rates.
  • Investigating quantitative and qualitative questions important to our business.
  • Making communication between the Zonal Head and other employees more efficient and clear.
  • Administrative work such as drafting emails, summarizing meeting minutes etc
  • Enabling decision making at a Zonal level by playing a very crucial part in decoding & analyzing our business problems


Skills Required:

  • Organized, detail-oriented, ability to get things done, great communication skills, team player, highly motivated.
  • Ability to communicate concisely and clearly. Both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to work with people, understand the human side of things. We have a lot of humans in our business
  • Sound analytical skills i.e. Being able to decompose a problem, investigate, and find solutions through a logically consistent and rigorous process.
  • Ability and motivation to learn independently.

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