Business Analyst

Panaji, Goa, India Full-time


You’re going to be employee #2 of 91springboard’s Explore Unit. At the Explore Unit we’re using 91Springboard’s resources to create products and services to improve the lot of human beings in a meaningful way and without harming Earth’s already fragile environment or its biodiversity. The products and services we create will oftentimes be delivered through new ventures and in that regard the Explore Unit is a startup studio.


This job affords invaluable learning and networking opportunities for anyone with a bent towards entrepreneurship. Consider that a world-class MBA costs anywhere between 44 lakhs to 109 lakhs, we hope to deliver comparable value to the entrepreneurially minded. In that, following this job you should be capable enough to launch you own startup.


The role is based in Goa!



You’ll be both master and vassal as work at the Explore Unit is distributed not on the basis of titles and reporting structures but rather on the basis of relative competence – people are expected to work wherever they’ll add most value relative to the skills and competencies of their Explore Unit colleagues.


Wearing the shoes of the master, you might find yourself:

  • Pitching the idea for a new product or service to secure funding
  • Developing our internal processes


Wearing the shoes of the vassal, you might find yourself:

  • Conducting secondary research for everything from informing the conceptualization of a product or service to determining whether cat-people or dog-people are more lovable
  • Preparing a business model canvas and validating all the information that goes into it
  • Preparing investor dockets to raise funding for new ventures
  • Taking minutes at a meeting



As jobs become ever more competitive the world over, we’re seeing an arms race in education Students (and parents) are spending more and more time and money to get grades, qualifications and internships that are better than the next persons’. In response, companies are asking for ever more educational qualifications, as a means of filtering candidates, so the returns to education are falling (to learn more


All things considered, whilst we’re conscious of the fact great education does add to your human capital, we’re not going to let the lack of one stop you from getting this job and instead will make the extra effort to allow candidates with differing levels of education to compete with each on an equal footing.


Our non-educational requirements:

  • 1 – 3 years work experience
  • You can decompose a problem, investigate, and find solutions through a logically consistent and rigorous process
  • Proven ability to: work in a team environment, produce results independently, solve complex problems, exhibit strong judgement, lead and manage through ambiguity.
  • A track record of creativity and innovative problem solving
  • Strong analytical skills including data manipulation, analysis, visualization and presentation
  • Enough coding ability to scrape data from the web, write macros in excel is highly desirable but not necessary


And, so that you know what you’re getting into, if we were a typical organisation our educational requirements for this role would be:

Achieved a distinction at undergraduate level in a STEM subject (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or in Economics/Business commerce.

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